Incantation (2022)

There’s a dynamic in Incantation that I found interesting: in the exchange between Ruo-nan (Hsuan-yen Tsai) and her psychiatrist during flashbacks, the psychiatrist suggests introspective methods for Ruo-nan to counter her “fears.” The psychiatrist believes that what Ruo-nan was experiencing were visual manifestations of the mental images conjured by some trauma. A scene ultimately summarized… Continue reading Incantation (2022)

Autohystoria (2007)

Autohystoria (2007) was released at a time when earlier forms of digital feature filmmaking are gaining attention and, at the same time, getting more suspicion. Part of the suspicion came from exactly what Autohystoria’s filmmaking stands for: “long-takes” and “contemplative shots” are often conflated to “lazy” filmmaking. But it was admittedly a very novel take… Continue reading Autohystoria (2007)

It’s a Summer Film! (2020)

Something is very telling with the way time-travel narratives appeal recently in Japanese Pop Culture. From anime’s Tokyo Revengers and Bokutachi no Remake, to interests captured by Summer Timemachine Blues’ recent restoration, to that latest one-take film, Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes. Especially with the context of the on-going pandemic, that every day we seem… Continue reading It’s a Summer Film! (2020)

Regular Film Posting (January 13-20)

Brave (2012) & Aladdin (1992) Been watching Disney films with Olivia for the past months. Instead of commenting on each, will probably just lay down a general observation for both. Disney films, for better or for worse, have been great showcases of white American contemporary culture. Contemporary, being contemporary for each of the films’ releases.… Continue reading Regular Film Posting (January 13-20)

Regular Film Posting (January 1-5)

Insects (2018) There are three living surrealists in cinema who are still actively working to this day. David Lynch seemed to give up back in 2006 with Inland Empire to focus on his new age campaigns (which he calls transcendental meditation) but were able to make a comeback in 2017 with a new season of… Continue reading Regular Film Posting (January 1-5)