Extended Negations [Zine Series]

I’m posting here download links for the Zine Series that I made titled Extended Negations. I intended these zines to be print-exclusive ones at first. However, since zine markets are not happening anytime soon, I might as well share all these to you.

Initially, Extended Negations are zines which highlight some scraps and notes which I first intend for a Missing Codec post but for some reason, I never really followed through. I may be releasing more soon. But for now, I’ll have these two below for the first releases.

  1. Arrogance and the Petit-Bourgeoisie (2019)
  2. Mga Malikhaing Institusyon at Mga Ahente ng Pagwasak: Isang Liham-Pagpapatiwakal (2019/2021)

All zines are released in a print-friendly format.

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