Post-Dilawan Cinema and the Pandemic

I’m presenting today my new book, Post-Dilawan Cinema and the Pandemic. An admittedly premature and late responses to dominating cinematic forms in Philippine cinema the past 6 years. In this book, I tried to present a framework of what we may call as Post-Dilawan Cinema and its precedent, Dilawan Cinema, both of which suggests an aesthetic that is informed by a particular political inclination.

The writing took faster than Permanent Midnight, but it seems that I’ve had this draft for a long time now that I only needed to sit down and write it out. But since this was written on haste, the language is also different with my former writings, sort of a departure from the more academic and is more inclined with a blog-type language. Which is also to say, a lot in this book is close to a stream-of-consciousness writing than a rigidly analytical one.

Like in my former uploads, I’ll be providing print-friendly pdf for this book along with the cover spread. A print of this book may come soon.

Download Post-Dilawan Cinema and the Pandemic [PDF] (Google Drive).

Post-Dilawan Cinema and the Pandemic [PDF] (Direct)

Download Cover spread.

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