The Years of Permanent Midnight and Other Essays

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I remember I promised over at Facebook that I’ll be reissuing this book in Print by the end of June, turns out self printing and publishing is not really a viable choice in the kind of situation that we’re in.

So, instead, I’ll be putting this book out here on the internet, again, for free.

This is, what I think, is the definitive edition of the anthology. It features the same articles as the 2nd edition that was is on, plus three other entries. I changed the layout and uhm… I don’t know what else.

To give a brief insight about this book, this is an anthology of essays loosely linked with thematic concerns that intersects cinema, nationalism and critique of neoliberalism. I deployed a kind of writing and thinking here that is synthesized from Maoism, CCRU and all the other forms of materialist and pragmatic thought.

The book went from its first rough edition in 2018 until its version today not in smooth transition but in between periods of unpaid work and family concerns.

Again, I’ll be putting out the book here for free. But I’ll be asking donations in a pay what you want scheme. I’ll just put out the QR codes below and I’ll let you decide whether I deserve some or not.

I’ve plans to receive more materials I have written recently, a lot of which are educational / methodical materials, since a lot has been asking about methods of aesthetic assessment over at my now closed curiouscat.

I thank you for your interest. I do appreciate feedback also about this material.

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