External Articles

Some of my writings are redundantly available through other academic platforms because of the need to make myself “visible,” at least, as part of my trade as an academic and educator.

My Academia Page: https://pup.academia.edu/JeffreyDeyto

My Research Gate Page: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jeffrey_Deyto

Below is a list of articles I wrote which are available in other avenues and websites:

Academic Articles:

“Contempt.” Sinekultura no. 16. (2021): 36-39. https://tinyurl.com/SKJournal16

“From Opinion to Method: Film Criticism beyond Communicative Capitalism” UNITAS. Vol. 93. No. 1. May 2020. http://unitasust.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/UNITAS-93-1-Jeffrey-Deyto-Film-Criticism-in-the-Age-of-Opinions.pdf

“The Years of Permanent Midnight: The Liberalist Construction of the Philippine Nation in Cinema Under the US-Aquino Administration.” Mabini Review. Vol. 7. 2018 https://apps.pup.edu.ph/ojs/site/ad/MABREV/51/182

Articles for Other Websites:

“Love in the Time of Crisis” NANG Magazine (02 September 2019) https://www.nangmagazine.com/ten-years-after-entries/epoy-deyto

Solving My Mother: The Documentary as Satire” Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival (21 May 2019) http://www.yidff-live.info/en/2342/